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Chernobyl 1986

Created by: Cecelia Zitarosa and Amy Bergquist

The Chernobyl accident happened in Kiev, Ukraine on April 26,1986. Workers were testing one of the reactors to see how long it would keep running if there was a power outage. During the test, one reactor began to become very unstable and built up a large amount of pressure. A power surge spread throughout the power plant and two explosions occurred. Fires began to spark all around the plant and radioactive particles were released into the air. After the explosions occurred the entire town of Pripyat was evacuated. The town was approximately 2 miles away from the Chernobyl power plant. The whole town was evacuated in under 36 hours and almost 200,000 people were relocated.

The radiation released contaminated over 125,000 square miles. Trees in forests suffered tissue damage, bodies of water were affected, and some of the farmland was deemed unsafe for use by humans forever. Within three years, much of the area had bounced back and was doing well once again. However, it is still too early to determine how the radiation will affect the population and animals within the radius of the dangerous explosion. Genetic mutations will also pose an issue in future generations.


Supposedly, the accident caused 31 deaths. But new information released in 2006 suggests that the exact number of deaths may never be known. Some have died in the years following the explosion, but may not have to do with the accident itself. Everyone involved was affected by the massive amount of radiation, but some people were hit with more than others. Exposure to excessive amounts of radiation can cause some scary symptoms, such as bleeding, bruising, confusion, dehydration, fever, hair loss, vomiting, and more.

Even today, residents of the area around the power plant continue to ingest radiation through the consumption of food and drink, and is slowly causing problems in the population of Chernobyl. It is estimated that the full effects of the radiation will not come into play until six generations after the accident.

Path of radiation exposure
Path of radiation exposure

As for the power plant itself, it is constantly being worked on. The towns surrounding remain ghost towns and people all over continue to donate money to fund the project of correcting the worst nuclear disaster to date. Workers must wear plastic work suits and respiration masks and may only work once a day for a total of fifteen minutes. They are all attempting to eventually isolate the radioactive debris and make the area as safe as they can. A "sarcophagus" is being built around Reactor IV to seal the rest of the nuclear fuel away for good. Chernobyl power plant continues to sit in the Exclusion zone, still a mess after twenty seven years.

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Chernobyl Power Complex after explosions

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Video on Chernobyl lab 25 years after explosions.

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