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Chernobyl, Ukraine
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April 26, 1986

What happened?
Operators at a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine were trying to test whether the turbines could produce sufficient energy to keep the coolant pumps running in the event of a loss of power this resulted in a large explosion and fire that lasted for 10 days.
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Who was evacuated? At what distance?
Anyone within 30 kilometers (18 miles) from where the incident occurred was evacuated. The only people not evacuated were people who were officials at the plant, and people who were trying to help the problem who worked at the plant. A little while after the accident, the Russian government evacuated 115,000 people from heavily hit areas. In the following years, the government evacuated another 220,000 people.
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Was there radiation released? How much?
Some of the most hazardous rationation that was released was iodine-131, and caesium-137. Caesium-137 was long-lived, meaning it stayed in the atmosphere longer. Time magazine reported that "one billion or more" curies were realeased after the accident.

What were the effects on the community and the environment?
The chances of getting cancer were very likely after Chernobyl. There was 93,000 deaths.There was also alot of physiological damage. The land was also affected. The soil absorbed the radiation.

What is the current status?
Chernobyl is still not completely safe. There are still traces of radioactivity around where the explosion took place. Many have worked to contain the radioactive activity.

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