Kerry Prout
Mr. Corcuera
Novemeber 13 2013

Exposure to Radiation
Questions to answer
1) What are sources of background radiation?
The sources for background radiation are food/drink, cosmic, radon, buildings/soil, medicine and nuclear industry

2) What is a safe level of radiation for the average person?
For an average adult, a safe level of radiation is as low as it possibly could be, but it's not acceptable to exceed 5,000 millirems. A reccomendation from the federal advisory committee states thatthe amount of radiation exposure to a human in one lifetime shall be limited to their age, and multiplied by 1,000 millirems.

3)What is a safe level of radiation for a person who works with radioactive materials?
A safe level is anything below 5000 millirems for a span of one year.

4) What is your radiation dose?
My radiation dose is 370.946 millirems.

5) What are three ways to limit your exposure to radiation?
Three ways to limit your exposure to radiation is to not smoke cigarettes, don't sleep with a clock radio near your head, and use a desktop computer rather than a laptop.

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Multiple Choice - OK ~Mr. C.

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