EXPOSURE TO RADIATIONCreated by: Marlon Michael Elvis Hartt Crouchelli and Trevor Patrick Sackman

Things to know:

  • Radiation-energy that comes from a source and travels in waves through space.
  • Background Radiation- Consistent low level radiation caused from the environment.

1) What are sources of background radiation?

  1. radioactive gasses in the home
  2. gamma rays from the ground
  3. medical x-rays
  4. food and drinks
  5. cosmic rays
  6. air travel
  7. fallout
  8. occupational
  9. nuclear waste


2) What is the safest level of radiation for the average person?

The safest level for an average Adult is 5,000 Millirems. The safest level for an average minor is 500 Millirems. The USA is exposed to 300 Millirems Per year.
3) What is a safe level of radiation for someone that works with radioactive materials?

25,000 Millirems per year is the most that astronauts are allowed to take due to the exposure to cosmic rays. Radiation workers and soldiers are exposed to 1500 millirems

4) What is your radiation dose?

Since I am a minor my dose is about 500 millirems per year but this my differ depending on your life style.

5) What are ways to limit your exposure to radiation?
  1. Eat foods with chlorophyll
  2. Eat sea vegetables
  3. Take supplements with bee pollen
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