Nuclear Reactors Period 5 by Scott, Amanda and Melissa

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The Nuclar Reactors are the big smoke stacks that let out steam

how it worksNuclear_Plant Diagram.gif

How many nuclear reactors are in the United States? How many are in New Jersey?
In the US there are 104 in 31 states across the country and 3 in New Jersey which are Hope Creek, Salem, and Oyster Creek.

What is the difference between a boiling water reactor and a pressurized water reactor?
A pressurized water reactor has water at 300 degrees Celsius under pressure in its primary heat transfer circuit and generates steam in a secondary circuit. A boiling water reactor makes steam in the primary circuit above the reactor core.

What is a breeder reactor?
A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor that creates fissionable matter (typically plutonium-239) by exposing non fissionable material (such as uranium-238) to radiation. The source of the radiation is usually some other fissionable material. Breeder reactors produce more fissionable material than they use up.

What type of waste is created as the result of the operation of a nuclear reactor?
The waste that is produced by nuclear reactors are man made and controlled by the federal government and the states. There is high level radioactive waste and low level radioactive waste. The high level radioactive waste is used reactor fuel to produce electricity. The used reactor fuel is in a solid form consisting of small fuel pellets in a long metal tubes. There is Thorium and uranium milling wastes. The low level wastes are contaminated protective clothing, tools, filters, rags, medical tubes, and many other items.

How is it disposed of and where?
Before the waste is put in a repository it is recycled which potentially reduces the volume, heat, and toxicity of the byproducts. The waste is then disposed underground in a repository in Yucca Mountain, Nevada. High level waste has to be stored for many years to decay. They store it because its radioactive and harmful to all organisms.

What is vitrification?
Vitrification is converting something into glass or a glass substance by heat and fusion.

What are other permanent storage solutions for waste?
Other permanent storage solutions for nuclear waste is storing it underground, shooting it into space, and putting it into the ocean.

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