Particle Accelerators

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Where do they exist?

Particle accelerators are all around us. You are probably looking at this on one. Any Cathode ray tube is a particle accelerator. Like we say in the next section the particle accelerators that actual matter are the same reactions but on a bigger scale. These Atom smashers are located all around the world. They are predominately located in Europe and on the east coast of america. The closest accelerator to Point Pleasant is located in Ithaca New York. They need large amounts of room to work so many are placed on college campuses such as Notre Dame and Florida where there's a plethora of room and lots of eager scientists. In this picture its shows all the locations of major particle accelarators. Of course since particle accelerators are so simple they can be easil made at home on a much smaller scale.
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This is Todd Johnson he created a Model accelerator with some slabs of wire and a ping pong ball. As you can see it is simple to make a model but it will never come close to how precise and scientifically accurate bigger smashers would be.

How does it work?!?
A particle accelerator works by Particles(Electrons) being accelerated by electromagnetic waves inside a device. The more energetic the particles are , the better we can see the structure of matter. When energized particle speeds up and gains energy and so it releases more particles. In a T.V or C.R.T the electromagnets throw electrons into Photons causing the reactions you see on the screen.Legitimate particle accelerators are the same concept but on a much larger scale. This video will show this in animated form.

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What are Particle accelerators used for?
Particle accelerators are used for a couple things. They can be used to understand the workings of a star. They can also be used to make new elements. It helps recreate huge natural occurring reactions that are too quick or too hot to study. They can also be used for some sort of Particle therapy. You use a particle accelerator to bombarded the tumor with charged particles killing all cells in the tumor. This method is a lot more precise than using x-rays but it is also very expensive. Accelerators can also be used as a source of energy. Using thorium in a ASDS accelerator will create the same amount of energy as a nuclear reactor but with a lot less waste.

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