Particle Accelerator

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Where do particle accelerators exist?

Particle Accelerators are all around us. You are probably using one right now to view this. Any Cathode Ray Tube(CRT) is a particle accelerator. Particle Accelerators help in experiments. Theses atom smashers are located all around the world, but mainly in Europe, and on the East Coast of America. Particle Accelerators need large amounts of space, so they are mainly located on college campuses.

How do they work?

The CRT takes particles (electrons) from the cathode and speeds them up. If the particles have more energy in them we can see the structure of matter more. When the particles speed up and get more energy it than releases more particles. When the electromagnets throw their electrons in Photons it cases the reaction in the TV or CRT to see the colorful screen. The link below explains how this works.

What are Particle Accelerators used for?

Particle Accelerators are used for a few different things. They can be used to make new elements in science. It helps with dealing with reactions that are quick moving or ones that are too hot to study my hand. They can be used to help us learn about how stars work. They can help in particle therapy, you can use the accelerator to bombard tumor with the charged particles to kill all the cells in the tumor. This can be a lot more effective than using x-rays, but it is also very costly.



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