Three Mile Island

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Where is the Three Mile Island located?
-Three Mile Island is located in the center of Pennsylvania near a town called Harrisburg.

When was Three Mile Island built/found?
- The island began operating on September 2, 1974.

What happened to Three Mile Island?
-In 1979, Unit 2 of the nuclear power plant malfunctioned while they were cooling the system. The core slowly started to melt in the reactor. The outcome was that the reactor was destroyed and radioactive material was exposed to the environment of which the island was on.
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Who was evacuated from the island and at what distance?
-At first an evacuation was not needed around 8:30am. As minutes went by more radiation began to leak and the island decided to put out a radio alert saying in a 10 mile distance from the reactor an evacuation might be needed. Around 10:00am the people were told to stay inside there houses. Toward noon, the last word of information about evacuation was that pregnant women and children should leave the area within five miles.

Was there radiation released and how much?
-There was radiation released into the atmosphere and still to this day around the plant is there a very small amount of radiation. There was about 40,000 gallons of waste released from the accident.

What were the effects on the community and the environment?
-The radioactivity ended up spreading to other states. Surfaces of plants needed to be cleaned and decontaminated. Many studies even still going on today are showing the long term effects of the environment and the people exposed to it.

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external image 20071114-006.jpgWhat is Three Mile Islands current status?
The current status of the island is that the reactor is no longer releasing radioactive materials. The part of the reactor that malfunctioned is now shut down.

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